Dream Catcher Wall Hanging (Random Color)

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Product Details:
  • This beautiful dream catcher is handwoven with love and positivity in mind, and it is designed to keep the sleeping individual safe from negative dreams
  • Dream catchers are believed to protect us from bad dreams by capturing and filtering bad spirits. In addition, it is given to newborns and young children as it is believed to bless them. It is a perfect gift for a new parent, child, or loved one
  • It is a wonderful wall hanging craft for Home, Office, Institute, Shop, Hostel, Restaurants etc
  • Note : Each piece of a dream catcher is woven by hand, so the patterns and color combinations will vary
  • Dimension (Approx) : Height (50 Cm) , Width (16 Cm),  Weight (50 gram)


Package includes:
  • 1 x Dream Catcher (Random Color)

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Weight 50 g


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